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Your Leo horoscope eBook reveals a build-up of planets in your house of work and From Jan 27 Lilith through the zone of travel, spirituality and philosophy will be a LEO DECAN 1 Birthdays Jul 23/Aug 2 (0º to 10º).

The moon in Scorpio finds you deep in your emotions today, Aries. Make time to catch up on rest. Spending some time alone in meditation is helpful as Mercury meets Neptune on its retrograde journey—your inner voice has plenty to say! Your psychic abilities and imagination are boosted, but watch out for paranoid thoughts.

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The moon in Scorpio lights up the relationship sector of your chart today, Taurus, and it is indeed a very interesting day for you social life as retrograde Mercury meets with Neptune. Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde, and today it meets with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion. Be careful about how you interact with your fans, followers, bosses, and the general public today.

The moon in fellow water sign Scorpio finds you in an especially flirtatious mood today, Cancer! Just watch out for miscommunications as Mercury retrograde meets with the planet of fantasy and delusions, Neptune. Intriguing ideas are brewed up, but it is not a great time for decision making. The moon in Scorpio finds you in a private mood today, Leo.

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Intense emotions come up for discussion as Mercury retrograde meets Neptune. A powerfully healing conversation may take place! Find ways to stay present. Your ruling planet Mercury is currently retrograde and today, it meets Neptune, the planet of fantasy and delusion. This is complicated for your relationships, Virgo. Making plans is difficult today, Libra, due to communication planet Mercury being retrograde and meeting hazy Neptune.

Stay flexible! You will realize during this time, the significance of love and marriage in your life. From April to July, and again in November, Jupiter will also be in sixth house. This will bring signs of relief. Misunderstandings must be resolved as soon as possible. If your partner is a working professional, a transfer is possible or an opportunity to work overseas may come.

From May mid, upto September, your married life will be better. Your spouse may achieve something grand. You must support their endeavours to make your marriage a success. A life partner is a pillar that is seldom ignored. Show your love and communicate about your emotions. Those who just got married may get the good news soon.

If you are seeking a partner for your children, to spend their lives with, your wish may come true soon. This year, your children will perform beautifully. Jupiter, the lord of fifth house will be in the fifth house itself in the beginning of the year. Your children will show growth in leaps and bounds. They will be happy, and so will be you. On March 30th, when Jupiter will transit into sixth house, small issues can bother your children. Again from July, the situation will be favorable for them.

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You will shower your affection on them and they too will behave appropriately. Change is the word for you this year. As per Leo Horoscope you may find the love of your life or an old relation may come to an end, just to initiate a better one. You may feel an urge to understand more and more about your partner and will try to offer them everything they need. Your ego has nothing to do with your love life, keep it aside.

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Give importance to your mate and tell them about the same. This will make your time together very soothing and pleasant. During the last months of the year, your love life will undergo major changes. You will still spend quality time together.

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Romance, love, laughter, and happiness will keep you gaily. Sometimes you may even cry together. Leo predicts that from January to March, and July to November, the time will be perfect for love relations. You will come closer and share your secrets as well as memories. A lucky few may even get married to the love of their life.

Leo Horoscope says that this year, your health will remain good, especially in the first half. You will follow a healthy lifestyle and diet. Exercising regularly will keep you fit and free from diseases. From April to July, you need to pay a little attention to your health since Jupiter , the lord of the eighth house in sixth house - the house of illness.

Some diseases may be lasting, so prevent yourself from them. Avoid taking fried and spicy food as obesity and diabetes are such diseases which do not let go of you very easily. After this time, during the month of November, your health will be better. You will get rid of diseases capturing you from long time. Though, the end of the year again needs to be spent with care. This year you will be suffering at your health front on both physical and mental grounds as per Leo horoscope predictions. So, taking proper medication and timely check-ups is a must. Stress needs to be managed with serenity. Too much work can cause exertion. Take rest as and when required.

This year you must perform one remedy regularly to get rid of troubles and succeed in your life:. Rashifal Kundli Horoscope Rashifal Calendar Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Leo Horoscope Predictions Leo Horoscope predicts that the year brings mixed results for the zodiac sign Leo. Leo Horoscope For Career The year is likely to be better for Leo natives in regards with their career. Leo Horoscope for Education Students of moon sign Leo may get desired success this year as mentioned in Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope for Family Life According to Leo Horoscope a challenging year for family matters demands patience from you.

Leo Horoscope for Married life and Children A stressed married life is predicted for you this year.

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Leo Horoscope for Love Life Change is the word for you this year. Leo Horoscope for Health Leo Horoscope says that this year, your health will remain good, especially in the first half. Leo Horoscope Remedy This year you must perform one remedy regularly to get rid of troubles and succeed in your life: Every morning, wake up before Sunrise and observe the red coloured Sun with naked eyes. Later, take a bath, and offer water to Lord Sun from a copper vessel.

To get more strength and positivity you may wear Belmool. Also add red flower and kumkum to the water.